How To Maximize Adsense Earnings of your Blogs?

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Did you know you can use Google Ads on your blog? Don’t have a blog? Running, starting, and maintaining a blog is cheap, and free in some cases! So why haven’t you put Google Ads on your blog yet? Oh you don’t know how! Why and how!

First, if you’re considering adding ads to your blog, you should learn more about Google’s specific rules for blogs, although this is very similar to their rules for sites.

Blog content is what Google likes

Using blogs for Google Ads field makes sense! The content is original, and is considered higher quality than Googles concept, although you and I know that some blogs on the net are just plain stupid! So much easier to qualify a blog than a site!

Due to the nature of blogs, there usually is a lot of different content, meaning you can have thirteen different articles on a blog, while on your site you should only have one or two. This gets very diverse and specific ads on your blog, much easier than your site!

A blog that invites feedback or interaction with the user can attract a lot of clicks, as it attracts a lot of visitors. Your blog has the potential to attract a specific set of people who will take an interest in your content. This way your ad ads will be even more specific!

Watch below video. this video guide is presented by official Adsense creators.

You can also add a blog to your business site. Really! You can talk about your product or specific information your customers are interested in. You can talk about your company, or even get a little personal! Aside from getting the added benefit of getting a few ad clicks, it can actually make people like you! Studies show that people will buy more than the person they personally look for or they know little about. Tell them about you !

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You can start blogs for free like the ones on Yahoo! Or you could get a software to start a blog on your site. The latter is the best, because you will have the most control. Once again you can visit yahoo! Use web hosting and tool for free.

When you decide to get ads on your blog, remember that there are a few ways to increase your click through ratings, that are really like your site.

Make your Adsense Ads better

Make your ads a part of your website as much as possible. Use the same font, font color, and background for your Google Ads.

Don’t use boxes, tables, or anything else that screams. Ads on my site are here. Don’t hide the ads! Design your own ads to closely resemble links to your site, or combine them as part of your site. Use your Preview toolbar when creating your ads, which will give you a clear indication of what your ads will look like.

Remember, a good advertisement is one that doesn’t engage, that blends in, but still attracts your visitors’ interest.

How long does it take to index a blog with Google? Unlike websites, blogs can be all set up with Google in some cases!

Once you think you’re comfortable with Google Ads, you can take steps to make your blog quite a bit more money! Follow all the rules of using the AdSense program, and remember, just because you’re a blogger for that matter, doesn’t mean Google won’t remove your ads faster than a dog, if If you’re using nonsense, disgusting, slander, or otherwise globally unacceptable public topics, scratch the tick!

With that in mind, rest easy. Google will explain the entire process, on the same site already listed at the beginning of this article.

Use your blog to your advantage. Getting approval for ads on a blog is easier than any website, and if proper steps are taken to design your ad well, and provide engaging content, you’ll get Google Adsense on your blog Can make some money together!

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