How to List your Website on Yahoo
How to List your Website on Yahoo

How to List your Website on Yahoo?

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Use Yahoo as both a directory and a search engine. Yahoo offers several different search results. A portion of their search results come from actual search engines, and some of their results come from human editors, called surfers.

Has anyone seen the submission of Yahoo directory. (Search engine uses spiders and indexation software). Entry to the Yahoo Directory is entirely at the discretion of the Yahoo surfer viewing your site. That’s why without using an express deposit service, the lead time for a free deposit can often be 8-10 weeks.

Unlike search engine recommendations that accept multiple pages from the same site, Yahoo surfers love to see your homepage, and they’ll visit your site from there.

Along with directories, the site owner chooses the most suitable directory category for his site and writes a description that describes site content comprehensively and accurately. Factors that affect directory placement are choosing the right category and writing the right description.

Always differentiate between Yahoo search engine and Yahoo directory whenever you talk to a search engine marketer. Search engine listing strategies are different from the directory listing strategies.

This video guide will help you to know more about the listing of search engines like yahoo, google, bing and many more.

Fill out the form on Yahoo

We know it seems obvious, but some sites aren’t listed because submission doesn’t follow instructions when filling out a form. When Yahoo calls for telephone numbers, just give one telephone number with area code. When Yahoo calls for 25-words- or less explanation, don’t attempt any fancy word stacking or required word tricks. Stick to a comprehensive, accurate description of your site content. Yahoo surfers often change their site details after entering them in their directory.

Although some fields are optional, try to fill out all fields on the form, especially those that ask for your company name, address, and telephone and fax number. Yahoo wants to know if you have a legitimate business that will last for years to come.

Select the categories (only 3) that you want

To select your categories, type in your preferred words in the Yahoo query, and read the results. Your site does not belong where you believe your target audience is looking for. The actual content of your site should accurately reflect your category or the category you wish to enter under.

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You will probably be listed under the same category as your competitors are listed under. Read the list of your competitors’ directory. See what their description is, and then edit your site description to show Yahoo Surfer that you definitely belong in the selected category.

If you’re an American company, under the regional/US/Yahoo/Yahoo category, all 50 states are listed. If you are eligible you must add your site in one of the regional categories. No wonder most of your traffic from Yahoo is local. Many customers need to hear your voice or see your face to feel safe about hiring you or your company for a project.

The category list is also at the discretion of Yahoo Surfer. You need to spend time choosing your category and studying your competitors so you don’t fall under the “Disliked” category.

Get this information from unique content and perspective in your quests

Yahoo directory in a website has no value if the site contains the same information as other sites in the same category. So to add value to Yahoo Directory and focus on the unique aspects of your online business, make sure your site has unique content.

You can identify any unique content to Yahoo Surfer by adding additional comment field in the form of your own 25 words explanation or submission.

Get the virtual domain name

Yahoo Recognizes Virtual Domains Over Others Why is this so? Yahoo wants to have legitimate organizations and companies in their directory. They don’t want a small startup company that won’t be around next year, thus resulting in a dead link to a url in the directory. A virtual domain shows you are serious about your business.

A regional directory of yahoo try to add to the list first

At the bottom of Yahoo’s homepage there are some regional directories of Yahoo. If you’re in one of the regional areas, you can often register your website in the regional directory than in Yahoo’s central directory.

Commercial websites will have to pay an annual fee of $299 (for now) to register in the Yahoo Directory. Sometimes, a Yahoo Surfer can discover a trading site full of content without ever having to offer it to you.

“Design for Speed” (Quote from Yahoo Surfer)

Yahoo looking for sites that downloads very fast, preferably within 30 seconds on dial up modem.

Of course, exceptions apply. Like if you’re an online video game company and use ShockWave on your site. Then it’s understandable that your website might take longer to download.

After all, the rule “Content King” applies to listing to Yahoo. If Yahoo editors don’t realize that your site looks or sounds like a legitimate business, they shouldn’t list your site. So make sure your website is easy to read, easy to access, on search engines (easy to find), shows consistency in design and layout, and quick to download. Above all else, have unique content to add value to the Yahoo directory.

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