How to Drive Traffic to Blog using Article Submission
How to Drive Traffic to Blog using Article Submission

How to Drive Traffic to Blog using Article Submission?

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Links are one of the important SEO components and can generate good website traffic. Connecting in general is one of the most double-edged tools because bad “links” can reduce your page’s ranking and good connections will certainly polish it and hopefully boost your hit rate Gay.

Not sure which ones are bad and good links, many people avoid offering articles to share links from their sites. Don’t do it. Feel free to hesitate. As always, you just need to know the rules.

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So, what’s the problem?

Google punishes multiple content

Bad connections kill your pageant

Google’s concept of punishing multiple content is not factual. Even Google itself points out the fact that the only thing they penalize is multiple incidents of the same content on the same site. Then there is no problem.

Yet they can punish sites that share the same content and structures. Meaning that if you have a domain that holds a content tree that matches any number of others, you may feel the sense of punishing contact.

Those bad connections kill your page status fact. A bad link can be defined as having a lower page rating than your own. Page ranking is also affected by other factors, but top page links are the most important.

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Still, the number of contacts is important too – if you have few contacts, the bottom 5 of the page will lower your rank. – If you go massively on links (if you get a link on your site you get a link) your ratings may be negatively affected because they “taste of link forms”. A bad taste in Google’s mouth – if you have 4000 contacts to your site chances are they’ll be mixed quality, not bad. What will affect your page ranking and site status in this case

  • Total number of links
  • Title and text on the links
  • Links Activity (Traffic to your site)
  • Then there is no problem. As long as you have thousands of contacts.

[Everyone pay for cheap link submission services that offer genuine links on hundreds of sites]. Those relationships are either in the trash or none at all. Money wasted. ]

If you write a simple one-page article about an article that focuses on sites that need content, you’re going to get loads of traffic in no time. Formatting is important, so here’s how to incorporate your links and what site you submit to. Some sites are definitely better than others.

To generate lots of traffic and get lots of geographical connections, you need to submit on lots of sites (many). All you need is a tool that gets the job done right, quickly and has lots of targeted locations that also distribute your article. There are so many submission programs and services out there. I would advise you to stay away from those who offer very little, very little. Simple organic logic 🙂

I personally use programs instead of deposit sites because the latter gives limited control and usually costs more than that.

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